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VICTORY VEGA -30" (Professional range hood 30")

VICTORY VEGA -30" (Professional range hood 30")

Product Review (submitted on March 5, 2018):
Came with power-hogging (and hot) Halogen lamps which I immediately removed and replaced with Philips LED lamps, but there is a very noticeable flicker when the lamps have been dimmed. This is probably due to the fact that LED lamps react faster than incandescent or fluorescent lamps, so using them just exposes a poor dimmer design of this fan. I'm not an interior designer, I'm just a cook with a gas cooktop and I find this fan quite noisy even at the lowest fan setting. Forget about listening to the TV or radio, or even hold a conversation with guests while you cook. When you are done cooking and turn off the fan you find yourself saying "Whew!" like a weight has just been lifted off you. As for the flashing LED display that is a filter cleaning reminder and the manual tells you how to reset it (unless of course you found the manual to be TL;DR). The manual said the display would flash "C" but it actually flashed "8". In any case holding the "+" button for 3 seconds while the fan was off resets the elapsed time.